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Friends. What they say is true when you grow up you will know who your true friends are. Most of you on tumblr here don’t know me outside of the internet. I feel like i can open up with ease on here. Ive been feeling down for a while and on and off depressed. I am going through a rough patch and Ive bee feeling very distant from the world. Ive been feeling like Im being left alone in the dark and the darkness is creeping in further. I am a very closed person and i dont like sharing my emotions if Im hurt or sad. I txted my friend and asked how she was doing. She replied with fine and asked how ive been doing. I decided to reply and tell the truth. I told her been feeling a bit depressed and sad. When she replied awwww why? I told her and i was hoping i could talk to her about it. Thats what friends are for right? Havent heard a single thing from her since. It hurt me really deep because i always though she was a good friend and she always tells me that Im one of her good friends. Its not the first time she has hurt me and i just feel like Im done. It came across my mind what if i was suicidal and i was on the verge of taking my life. What if all i had was that one friend and she just brushed me off? You don’t need lots of friends but be close to the ones you make. You never know you might help someone out just by being a good friend and asking how things are going good. You might just save someones life.¬†